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Grant from Allegany Franciscan Ministries

Franciscan Allegany MinistriesThe Palm Beach Section of the National Council of Jewish Women is proud to announce that it has been awarded a $10,000 grant from Allegany Franciscan Ministries. Their Tau Grant is intended to support services that assist persons who are marginalized, economically poor, or have limited access to healthcare and health information. Together, both organizations strive to bring hope within our community, inspire residents to embrace opportunities to improve their health and wellness, and make a transformative and measureable impact for the poor and underserved.

The National Council of Jewish Women, Palm Beach Section, will be using the grant for the Kids Community Closet project that meets the needs of homeless youth and those in out-of-home placement in foster care who attend Palm Beach public schools. The funds are earmarked for ​underwear and ​feminine care products, and will be administered through the McKinney-Vento Program of the Safe Schools division of the Palm Beach County school district.

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