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The Holiday Food Bag Program

Three (3) times a year, Passover, Chanukah and Rosh Hashanah, volunteers for the Holiday Food Bag Program assemble and deliver kosher non-perishable holiday food and basic staples to four (4) synagogues; Temple Anshei Shalom in Delray Beach, Temple Shaarei Shalom in Boynton Beach, Temple Beth Tikvah in Greenacres and Temple Beth Torah in Wellington. The bags contain tuna, salmon, sardines, gefilte fish, soup, cereal, peanut butter, jelly, matzo and other kosher for Passover products, cans of fruit and vegetables, applesauce, candies, cookies and a gift card for perishable food. The bags are also customized to make the holidays special; gelt, Menorah candles and dreidels for the children at Chanukah, Memorial candles at Rosh Hashanah (for Yom Kippur), and candies for Passover.

Representatives from the temples distribute the food to their congregants who are in need of a little assistance.

Our goal is for every family to be able to enjoy traditional holiday food and to supplement their food pantries. No one should have to worry about purchasing food, especially during the holidays.

In fiscal year 2016-2017, we delivered over 90 bags of food to the temples.

Donations of food and gift cards are gratefully received at the NCJW Palm Beach Section Opening Event in November and at the Villaggio Women’s Seder in March without which the bags would not be as full as they are. Food and gift card donations are appreciated at any time of the year.

If you would like to donate kosher non-perishable food or gift cards to the Holiday Food Bag Program, please contact Fredi Grove, 310-662-1326 or fgrove1973@aol.com

For more information about the program or if you would like to be a part of this mitzvah, please contact Fredi as well.


Homelessness Projects

“Changing the Face of Homelessness” is an umbrella program under the auspices of National Council of Jewish Women, Palm Beach Section.  We are filling the holes where the government doesn’t, working with several homeless, non-profit agencies with several initiatives in mind to make the lives of homeless less problematic.
Our goals are many.  From fundraising to volunteer help, to providing food, equipment or special-needed requests throughout the year; a possible example would be rental housing assistance, dental kits, backpacks with canned food.
We create opportunities to work with the Lewis Center where we provide dinners that the residents look forward to.  Lewis Center is a transitional program that helps the homeless move to independence.  The Homeless Coalition needs beds, welcome kits for children and adults.

Imagination Express

Come “ride the rails” as we roar into The Lord’s Place, dedicated to breaking the cycle of homelessness by providing innovative, compassionate and effective services for homeless transitioning into independence.

School-age children enjoy our cultural arts program packed with storytelling, improvisational drama, crafts, music and refreshments.  Meeting the second Saturday of the month beginning in November through April, 10-11:30 in Palm Beach County.  For further information contact Loe Goldwasser at loegary@gmail.com


Kids Community Closet

Kids Community Closet

We have established secured emergency closets in thirteen local public elementary schools in which at least 90% of the attending children qualify for free or reduced lunch, the federal measure of poverty.

We stock the closets with pants/shorts/skorts, collared jerseys, underwear and socks. On request, we provide school supplies and personal care items, and through our partnership with In Jacob’s Shoes, a Margate, FL non-profit, schools are able to obtain free footwear for their students. Selected school personnel distribute these items on an emergency basis: they are able to provide proper clothing in case of in-school accidents, children who come to school without proper or unclean clothing, and as family crises are brought to their attention. Our goal is to keep children coming to and in school and focused on learning.

We are currently serving schools with a total enrollment of over 10,000 children. NCJW volunteers serve as liaisons to the schools, checking on inventory needs and working with school personnel to make sure the closet is orderly and properly stocked.

We have one additional closet that provides socks and underwear for the 3200 homeless children and the 800-1000 in out of home placement foster care that attend the public schools. Through the funding of a grant from Allegany Franciscan Ministries, we provide feminine care products to the young women who are homeless and in out of home placement foster care attending the public schools. This closet is located on the grounds of the Lincoln Elementary School in Riviera Beach and is done with the staff of the Mckinney-Vento Program of the Safe Schools Division of the Palm Beach School District.

We are grateful for the support we have received from Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle Team, BallenIsles Charities Foundation, PNC Bank and Allegany Franciscan Ministries. We welcome additional support as there are more schools in need of our Kids Community Closets.

Keynote Singers

KEYNOTE SINGERS enjoy singing to and with residents of Morse Geriatric.  Once a month for 45 minutes on a Wednesday afternoon volunteers lift their voices in song, engaging residents with memories of yesteryear.  Approximately 18 volunteers fill the roster, snowbirds swell our ranks.

Highlights include allowing residents to have “mike” time and watching those who have been unresponsive show some interest in a smile, a finger wag or a tapping foot.

If you are interested contact Loe Goldwasser at loegary@gmail.com


Knit or Knot

Do you knit? Can you cut fleece fabric?

We would like you to help us knit little dolls (about 7″ high and easy to make) to be included in backpacks for kids entering homeless shelters or to knit blankets to be given to children entering foster care.

If you can cut fleece fabric you can make blankets that are also included in backpacks for kids entering homeless shelters or given to children being removed from their homes and placed in foster care.

Each item is made with love and given to a child who is facing adversity and in need of a little love.

For more information contact Judy Traub jftraub@aol.com, 561-965-3582

Directions are below and although they say for a boy, they really are unisex and very cute.  There are only 48 rows, 3 yarn colors plus yarn for the hair, so it is really quick to knit up!

The face can be almost any color, but preferably tan, brown, a pastel, but not white.  For hair a frizzy, fuzzy yarn makes it a real winner.

The face details are embroidered on when the knitting is done and before it is closed and stuffed.

For assistance with knitting or finishing,  or more information, please contact Judy Traub  jftraub@aol.com  561-965-3582

Click the link below to download and print.

Knit a Smile Doll

LIFT 1, 2, 3

The Palm Beach Section of NCJW has established a multi-faceted program which provides personal care and apartment essentials for women, children, and families, as well as for young adults aging out of foster care.

LiftLIFT For Battered Women works with Harmony House, the local Shelter for Battered Women that is operated by the YWCA, to provide suitcases packed with bedding, towels and a full range of kitchen items as well as personal care items for women living in or leaving the shelter and not returning to their abusive partner.

Volunteer opportunities: Host a shower in your home to educate friends and neighbors of the issues of power and control that cause women (and many fewer men) to become victims of domestic abuse. Volunteer opportunities: Host a shower in your home to educate friends and neighbors of the issues of power and control that cause women (and many fewer men) to become victims of domestic abuse.

Contact: Sarajane Feinsilver, forevah51@aol.com, 561-304-0034


LIFT For Adolescents Aging Out Of Foster Care. NCJW Palm Beach Section provides each Palm Beach County adolescent aging out of foster care a suitcase, hamper and storage container filled with the basic bedroom, kitchen and bathroom items needed for a first apartment. Working closely with agencies that provide services to adolescents in foster care NCJW volunteers shop for and deliver new sheets, pillows, blankets, towels, dishes, pots and pans, cutlery, kitchen utensils and so much more. The project is of great help to youth who age out of foster care and are often overwhelmed with the changes and decisions they must make without the support of parents and grandparents. Volunteer opportunities: Shoppers for a specific list of household items given to each individual aging out of the foster care system. Host a shower for friends and neighbors to educate them about this program and to get donations of needed items.

Contact: Phyllis Millman newyorkyanks7@hotmail.com or Linda Kaber lindak99@aol.com


LIFT For Former Victims of Sex Trafficking. Just as we provide a suitcase of necessities for battered women and adolescents aging out of foster care, we do the same for former victims of sex trafficking.

Contact Linda Geller-Schwartz lindagellerschwartz@gmail.com or Christene Campbell -Gabor cgabor5@gmail.com. Look under advocacy to get more information on our sex trafficking initiative.


Matters of Choice

An interactive program that teaches young adolescents in our local schools to look for the signs of abuse in a dating relationship. A 17-minute video is followed by a discussion of what constitutes power and control between dating partners. The second half of the program examines what the signs of a healthy relationship look like.

Contact: Susan Schwartz, bxgirl321@gmail.com, 561-966-2436 or Diane Daum, ddaum@aol.com, 561-965-8022


Nursing Scholarship

Through the generosity of the ALK Family and NCJW, $500 is awarded annually to a nursing student or a student in a medical field. If you would like an application, please contact Harriet Wasserman Harrietwasserman@gmail.com


Story Weavers

STORY WEAVERS meets the third Wednesday of the month, in the afternoon,  at Tradition in West Palm Beach. Senior residents meet and our discussions lead into memories of the past,  as well as opinions about the present.  If you are interested in volunteering,  contact Sharon Hotchkiss at SCWPB@comcast.net


Support The Troops

Support Our TroopsThe Palm Beach Section of National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) collects personal care items and snack foods to send to our service men and women in Afghanistan. Last year we shipped 150 cartons through this project. Volunteer opportunities: Donate or solicit

  • SNACK FOODS and PACKAGED GOODS such as hard candy, gum, cookies, granola bars, beef jerky, chips, pretzels, pop-tarts, coffee, small cans of juice, powdered Gatorade and iced tea, sugar packets and creamers.
  • TRAVEL SIZE TOILETRIES such as baby wipes, foot powder, sunscreen, eye drops, nose spray, lip balm, deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, disposable razors, hand sanitizer, tissues, soap, etc.
  • CASH CONTRIBUTIONS to cover postage.
  • CASH CONTRIBUTIONS to cover postage.

If you have a friend or relative in a war zone we can ship to them if you supply their APO or FPO address. Contact: Dianne Gorbaty, diannemg@verizon.net, 561-963-5282



NCJW volunteers provide after-school tutoring and enrichment at three sites:

Caridad Center

CaridadAfterschool homework help is provided from 2:30-4:00 PM on Mondays and Wednesdays at Freedom Shores Elementary School in Boynton Beach, FL, through the Caridad Center, assisted by dedicated NCJW volunteer tutors for children in grades 1 through 3 who are selected by their teachers. In addition, a literacy element has been added after homework has been completed, followed up with tutor evaluations. Caridad Center also provides medical, dental, and vision services at its campus in Boynton Beach. Contact Joyce Kantrowitz, maestra101@aol.com, 561-965-2803






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