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The NCJW Mission statement defines and shapes our advocacy program:

“NCJW is a grassroots organization of volunteers and advocates who turn progressive ideals into action. Inspired by Jewish values, NCJW strives for social justice by improving the quality of life for women, children, and families and by safeguarding individual rights and freedoms.”

Palm Beach Section is noted for its very active advocacy program that reflects our national policy priorities and programs. We:

  • advocate with our state and national representatives, including trips to Tallahassee and Washington
  • hold education events on important policy issues for our members and the public
  • write op-eds, letters to the editor, blogs
  • participate actively in coalitions with community partners, including members of the faith community, the League of Women Voters, the ACLU, the ADL, Planned Parenthood and many others.

Combating sex trafficking of minors has been a major focus of our advocacy. Through public awareness, educational activities and an active advocacy agenda, the section has had some major accomplishments.

  • spearheaded the passage of a law requiring the posting of the National Trafficking Hotline (1-888-373-7888) on highways, in airports, train stations, emergency rooms and other location in Florida
  • instrumental in getting a state law passed that would require nurses to be trained in identifying human trafficking victims
  • worked with the Human Trafficking Coalition of the Palm Beaches to develop and have approved a presentation on human trafficking that is being used in county schools with middle and high school students, as well as teaching staff, guidance counsellors, etc.
  • developed an innovative project to promote awareness in the community: Trafficked Teens™. The project consists of 4 life-sized, free-standing figures of teens and pre-teens, each with a story of how the child became a victim of sex trafficking. An accompanying hand-out lists the “red flags” possibly indicating a child is being trafficked. We have shown the teens throughout the county to very positive feed-back. Visit our page for more information.

Promote the Vote, Protect the Vote

NCJW’s campaign to extend voting privileges to all citizens, and to oppose laws that suppress access to the voting booth. As a 501c3 organization we do not engage in partisan politics, but the right to vote for all citizens is an issue that all of us should be concerned about.

NCJW Co-chairs, with the League of Women Voters, the Voters Rights Coalition.

  • spoken and helped get petitions signed on the serious issue of former felon disenfranchisement (it is estimated that 1.6 million Floridians are being deprived of the right to vote) http://www.ncjw.org/insider/client/index.cfm/2013/11/5/Confronting-the-Challenge-to-Voting-Rights-in-Florida
  • produced and distributed materials to educate voters about the electoral system and encourage citizens to vote
  • educated and advocated publicly for the Voter Rights Amendment Act that would help correct the damage done by the decision of the Supreme Court last year in Shelby County v. Holder.

Voices for Reproductive Choices

Reproductive rights, freedom and health are always a high-priority issue for NCJW.

The new reproductive justice framework goes beyond the basic legal right to access key reproductive health services, such as contraception and abortion. Using a broader social justice and human rights lens, it seeks to advance moral and bodily autonomy, health equity and unfettered access to comprehensive reproductive health care for all individuals and communities, regardless of economic status, race or sexual orientation. These basic human rights include

  • the right to have full autonomy over our bodies
  • the right to have or not have children
  • the right to birth and/or parent our children with dignity; and
  • the right to live or raise a family in a safe, healthy environment

NCJW Palm Beach participates in the coalition Floridians for Reproductive Freedom and has an active advocacy program to try to stop the many bills that are promoted each year in the Florida legislature to limit access to contraception and abortions.

We organized a very successful “Appetizers and Advocacy” event in September 2016 bringing together a dozen coalition partners, to promote the elimination of the Hyde amendment that denies abortion coverage for the poor who receive Medicaid.

We frequently focus on how the courts can impact reproductive rights and, in particular, the importance of maintaining the principles embodied in Roe v Wade.

At NCJW, we understand that federal court decisions impact every aspect of our lives: The schools we can attend; our privacy; our ability to marry whom we choose and start a family when we choose; the safety of the products we buy; our religious freedom; and our voting rights.

Through BenchMark: NCJW’s Judicial Nominations Campaign, we have been a leading voice in the progressive community’s fight to ensure a fair and independent judiciary that keeps faith with constitutional values.

With the League of Women Voters and the ACLU, we have many educational events on the courts each year that explain the structure of the courts, the importance of their decisions and the need for a diverse, independent judiciary. Upcoming is

  • a three-part lecture series on the courts & immigration; how the courts impact our daily lives, and
  • “You be the Judge”, a two-hour interactive session, that allows participants to act as judges and decide the constitutionality of a real case. There is no better way to understand the importance of the courts and need for fair judges.

Other Issues:

While the above broad issues are our central focus, we do participate with our partners on many other important matters:

  • Prevention of Gun Violence
  • Promotion of Equal Pay for Equal Work
  • Advocacy on Paid Family Leave
  • Furthering legislative protections for the LGBTQ community
  • Separation of Religion and State
  • Combating Anti-Semitism

Just to mention a few!

Come join us “fight the good fight” for a more just, equal and fair Florida and nation!

To join the Advocacy Committee or for any questions on any of these issues, please contact Linda Geller-Schwartz, VP Advocacy at lndgellerschwartz@gmail.com

To Take Action on national issues, sign-up for NCJW Action Alerts at: https://www.ncjw.org/sign-up/

To Receive the Florida NCJW Advocacy Newsletter, please contact: lndgellerschwartz@gmail.com

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